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Roamer Computing Pack 1

Using Roamer to Develop Coding and Computational Thinking Skills

This package of activity materials will also help you deliver STEM and Arts based experiences through while developing computational thinking and coding skills.  It is suitable for students ages 5 – 7.

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Ref Activity Title Summary Topics
Introducing Basics: These activities introduce the key ideas of algorithm, instruction (commands), program and bug.
1.1 Postman Patsy Children learn how to play Turtle an important part of work with Roamer. Algorithms
1.2 Roamer Snap A game to help students become familiar with Roamer’s basic instructions. Instructions (Commands)
1.3 Stepping Out
Students combine the skills learnt in the first two activities as they code their first Roamer program.
Write Programs, Reason and Predict.
Understanding Basics: Students get the opportunity to see how the key ideas (algorithm, instruction and program) relate to each other and think about how programs behave.
1.4 Spot the Bug A game where before students test a program they decide whether they contain bugs.  Write and Test Programs
1.5 Hungry Bunnies Students have to decide which algorithm and which program will lead the Roamer animals food. Algorithms, Write and Test Programs, Reason and Predict
1,6 Hey Diddle Diddle
Pupils choose which programs will find the nouns in a popular nursery rhyme.
Algorithms, Write and Test Programs, Reason and Predict
1.7 Once Upon a Time… An activity that helps students understand data in a computer and engage in some creative writing. Write and Test Programs, Data
Practical Application: Students reinforce their understanding of basic computing ideas through practical programming challenges.
1.8 Secret Codes A spelling game involving programming Roamer to code and decode secret messages. Write and Test Programs, Data
1.9 Calculating Roamer Evaluate programs and then use them to perform calculations. Algorithms, Reason and Predict, Test Programs
Reprise: Consolidate everything the student has learnt in this package The Four Labours of Roameo is a multiple activity adventure game, loosely based on the Labours of Hercules.
1-10 The Four Labours of Roameo
This is a multiple activity adventure game that reprises everything the student has learnt in this package uf
1.10.1 Lion Taming Students choose an algorithm and program Roamer to spell lion from letters placed on a grid mat. Algorithms, Reason and Predict, Write and Test Programs
1.10.2 Accessorising Students program Roamer to go from shop to shop, until they find a very high end designer belt. Algorithms, Write and Test Programs
1.10.3 Clean Up The students use Roamer to clean up an area by pushing the “trash” out of the way.  Algorithms, Write and Test Programs
1.10.4 Scrumping
The children write a program that will make Roamer “gather” a basket full of apples.
 Algorithms, Write and Test Programs


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