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Discovery at Every Turn.

Students will explore the algorithms required to get Roamer through a simple maze.

Students are presented with a story, which they transform into the algorithm describe by pseudo code which they then implement as a program.

An adventure game loosely based on history and introducing the use of sensors and sense procedures.

Students explore Roamer's speech capabilities by incorporating speech procedures in their programs.

Students investigate the mathematics of medieval farming and how machines including robots changed food production. They discover some of the advanced capabilities of procedures.

Students review the work done in Roamer Computing Pack 2, particularly the use of the Repeat Instruction. They explore space filling algorithms and algorithm performance in the context of a treasure hunt for Anglo Saxon gold.

Students write algorithms and match them to programs which will help Roamer feed the animals.

A Roamer estimation, counting and addition game, which involves students discussing and checking each other's work.


A lesson developing a students listening and comprehension skills by teaching Roamer the well know nursery rhyme. Continue reading

A chance for students to develop their understanding of angle and estimation skills using African wildlife as a context.

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