Roamer Activity Library
Discovery at Every Turn.

A game inspired by curling deals with momentum, energy transfer and Newton's laws of motion.

A topical topic based on the Winter Olympics.

Students practise their coding and maths skills by programming Roamer perform creative robot dances.

A chance to write a nested repeat program and learn problem solving methods.

Use Roamer to create Christmas decorations such as wrapping paper, Christmas trees, stars and snowflakes.

A Rally Race in which students calculate the best route by using data from some speed experiments. The tasks involves decimal calculations and use of statistics.

This is a parody of the Scarlet Pimpernel which introduces students to creating and downloading a Roamer ScratchX program to the robot.

Students extend their draughting skills and program Roamer to draw a house. They learn the repetitious power of the computer.

Introduces students to repeats as they explore and draw regular polygons.

An activity that helps students see patterns and write programs to draw them.
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