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Discovery at Every Turn.

Students program Roamers with opposite behaviours to explore angles and use the experience to develop negotiation skills.

Develop student's visual thinking skills by looking the work Mondrian, then they create a similar picture using Roamer’s procedure feature.

Students combine the skills learnt in the first two activities as they code their first Roamer program.

A Rally Race in which students calculate the best route by using data from some speed experiments. The tasks involves decimal calculations and use of statistics.

A problem solving game where students test their arithmetical and mathematical thinking skills.

A Speed Carousel Game providing students with practical experiences of forces and angles and gives them the opportunity to experiment.

Part of the Pledge to Peace project, this activity introduces a key negotiating skill.

Write an algorithm to send Gumpy Roamer on journey.

This activity is in the process of being added to the site.

This is the third of Roamer's four labours. The students use Roamer to clean up some objects by pushing them out of the way.
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