Roamer Activity Library
Discovery at Every Turn.

Students program Roamer to score penalty goals.  An exciting game: ideal for when the soccer World Cup or similar tournaments are topical.

Students combine the skills learnt in the first two activities as they code their first Roamer program.

An activity about the food chain.

Write an algorithm to send Gumpy Roamer on journey.

Students start to learn how to systematically find test and fix bugs.

This is the third of Roamer's four labours. The students use Roamer to clean up some objects by pushing them out of the way.

Students program Roamer to go from shop to shop until they find a high-end designer belt.

Task 1 Children will choose an algorithm and program Roamer to spell lion from letters placed on a grid mat.

A fun game to remind for students who did the KS1 Scheme of Work and an introduction for those who have never used Roamer before.

This is a multiple adventure task that reviews everything the student has learnt in this package and prepares for the next pack.
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