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Use Roamer to create Christmas decorations such as wrapping paper, Christmas trees, stars and snowflakes.

A problem solving game where students test their arithmetical and mathematical thinking skills.

A strategy game involving reinforcement of estimation, basic arithmetic skills with integers.

Students program Roamer to go from shop to shop until they find a high-end designer belt.

Introduces students to repeats as they explore and draw regular polygons.

By reading and editing code students will investigate the properties of shapes and start to understand the idea of a variable.

An activity that helps students see patterns and write programs to draw them.

Evaluate programs and then use them to perform calculations.

Students will explore the algorithms required to get Roamer through a simple maze.

Students review the work done in Roamer Computing Pack 2, particularly the use of the Repeat Instruction. They explore space filling algorithms and algorithm performance in the context of a treasure hunt for Anglo Saxon gold.
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