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How Can You Help Create a First Class Library Resource?

Our aim is to provide the means for teachers to share Roamer resources.  Our belief is that we can only achieve this by working in partnership with RUG Members.    As the product designers we are determined to invent the technology to meet the real needs of the classroom.  You can help this process in lots of different ways.  Check out some of the options.

Contribute New or Help Develop Existing Activities

Perhaps you have created an activity.  Why not send us information and we will make available free of charge to other RUG Members.  Check out the example activities to get an idea of the style.  Provide us with a much information as you can.  Don’t worry if you do not have time to complete all the information – every little helps.

Activity Page

This information will help us create the front page of your activity.


Lesson and Assessment Plan


Teacher's Notes




Curriculum Links


Add a Country to the Search List

If you want to add a country please complete the form below.  This will provide us with the information necessary to set up the basic search structure.  If you want to add curriculum links, please use the form on this page.

Roamer ScratchX Project

You can submit your Roamer ScratchX Project here.  When we receive your materials we will talk to you about where to situate it.


Roamer Activity Development Partnership between Valiant and educators interested in developing new ideas.  Our policy is to try and develop the educational activity side of projects before we develop the technology.  Roamer is a technology designed specifically for schools, not a technology adapted for schools.  Or perhaps you have a major project or new way of using educational robotics that you want to develop.  Or perhaps you have a particular teaching problem and you want to know if Roamer can help you.  If you are interested then please complete the RoAD Application form below.

Add Curriculum Links to Activities Already in the Library

Activity Ideas

Roamer ScratchX Projects

Articles for Roamer News


Videos for You Tube and the Roamer Podcast

Engage in the Research Surveys Research Surveys

Photo and Photo Stories

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