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Roamer Peace Wall

A Roamer Pledge to Peace Project

When you let a flock of white doves fly, it’s a symbolic act of peace.  What’s behind the act is your thoughts and hopes for a better world.   This project isn’t simply about students programming Roamer to sign a peace document.  That’s a worthy coding and mathematical problem.  It’s about asking questions about peace and no matter how small, it’s about taking action.

The project involves:

  1. Discussing peace and what it means.
  2. Deciding on what to do to help achieve peace.
  3. Pledging to doing the act and symbolising the act by:
    1. Designing a Peace Pledge Poster (A4 Size).
    2. Programming Roamer to sign it with the first letter of the student’s name.

If you decide to do this project then please think about sharing your students thoughts, stories about what they did and  copies of their pledges.

Oldham Peace Wall

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