Roamer Activity Library
Discovery at Every Turn.

An activity that helps students see patterns and write programs to draw them.

A fun game to remind for students who did the KS1 Scheme of Work and an introduction for those who have never used Roamer before.

This is a multiple adventure task that reviews everything the student has learnt in this package and prepares for the next pack.

Evaluate programs and then use them to perform calculations.

This is a spelling game where students program Roamer to code and decode secret messages.

A game where students decide whether programs will work or whether they contain bugs.

Pupils choose which programs will find the nouns in a popular nursery rhyme.

An Activity that gives students a chance to do some creative writing and helps them understand how we store data in computer databases.

Children learn how to play Turtle an important part of work with Roamer.

A game to help students become familiar with Roamer's basic instructions.
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