Roamer Activity Library
Discovery at Every Turn.

This is a parody of the Scarlet Pimpernel which introduces students to creating and downloading a Roamer ScratchX program to the robot.

Students test Roamer's pulling power, devise ways of increasing, measuring and analysing it.

An activity about the food chain.

A traditional obstacle course activity with a twist.

An introduction to the use of Roamer Inputs.

A strategy game involving reinforcement of estimation, basic arithmetic skills with integers.

Students work together to exterminate the bugs in a program; they learn more about the power of procedures.

Students start to learn how to systematically find test and fix bugs.

The children write a program that will make Roamer "gather" a basket full of apples.

This is the third of Roamer's four labours. The students use Roamer to clean up some objects by pushing them out of the way.
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